Rank Rank 3
Attribute ATR Light
Encounter Area Berneside Plains
Shape Shape Canine
Catalog Catalog Page 4

Profile A man's head and lion's body grant this beast the wisdom and strength to guard all royal and sacred.
Links GC Cards


Ability Effect MP
Holy LightLight +1150
Greater MightATK +20%200
Mind BlastEnemy WIS -20%150
Hard BlowStrong Physical +1150
Heavy BlowStrong Physical +2300
Level 1 Cool 708 740 787 672 674 800
Max Cool 1770 1850 1967 1680 1685 2000
Max Ace 1947 2035 2164 1848 1853 2200
Max Cool Stone 2124 2220 2361 2016 2022 2400
Max Ace Stone 2301 2405 2557 2184 2190 2600

8-Bit Sphinx was available to hunt during the 8-Bit event.

Sphinx 8bit

This is the artwork of the Sphinx on Android and was available to iOS devices as additional coliseum rewards.

Sphinx Android

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