Rank Rank 5
Attribute ATR Fire
Encounter Area Pixie Spire
Shape Shape Circular
Catalog Catalog Page None
Event Pixie Spire
Profile This Guardian was part of the boss fights in Pixie Spire. Abilities and stats are taken from battle logs.
Rebirth Skyfire Pixie
Links GC Cards

Skyfire Pixie

Ability Effect MP
Meteor SwarmFire +51400
Deft StepEvade a physical attack300
Mana MartyrDeals MP damage on death1
SapReduce Enemy MP to 0600
Level 1 Cool 1222
Max Cool - - - - - 3055
Max Ace - - - - - 3360
Max Cool Stone - - - - - 3666
Max Ace Stone - - - - - 3971

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