Rank Rank 5
Attribute ATR Water
Encounter Area Quest Reward
Shape Unknown
Catalog Unknown
Event Queen of Discord
Quest Winds of Discord
Profile A dark deity that seeks the destroy the order created by the gods of light by sowing discord in the hearts of men.
Rebirth Saurva
Links GC Cards


Ability Effect MP
Toxic BlastUnknown Ability?
Hard SlashStrong Physical +3600
Lower DefenseEnemy DEF -20%150
Thousand SlashesStrong Physical +41200
Last StandEndures one attackAll remaining MP
Rebirth AbilityUnknown Ability?
Level 1 Cool 2220 840 1670 1580 1360 1500
Max Cool 5550 2100 4175 3950 3400 3750
Max Ace 6105 2310 4592 4345 3740 4125
Max Cool Stone 6660 2520 5010 4740 4080 4500
Max Ace Stone 7215 2730 5427 5135 4420 4875

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