Rank Rank 5 Limited
Attribute ATR Death
Encounter Area Coliseum Reward
Shape Shape Ghost
Catalog Catalog Page None

Profile With her weeping wails, this kind spirit keeps at bay any evils seeking to claim good souls on their ascent to heaven.
Rebirth Mighty Serenade Banshee
Links GC Cards

Mighty serenade banshee

Ability Effect MP
Level 1 AbilityUnknown Ability?
Level 15 AbilityUnknown Ability?
Level 30 AbilityUnknown Ability?
Level 40 AbilityUnknown Ability?
Level 50 AbilityUnknown Ability?
Level 1 Cool
Max Cool - - - - - -
Max Ace - - - - - -
Max Cool Stone - - - - - -
Max Ace Stone - - - - - -

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