Rank Rank 5
Attribute ATR Death
Encounter Area Quest Reward
Shape Unknown
Catalog Catalog Page None
Event The Puppeteer
Quest The Puppeteer I, The Puppeteer II
Profile The second eldest of the Fates, she manipulates the strings of destiny to lead mortals to their doom.
Rebirth Lachesis the Calamity
Links GC Cards

Lachesis the Calamity

Ability Effect MP
Shadow Deft StepUnknown Ability?
Double ImpactStrong Physical +3600
ProtectDEF +10%100
Last StandEndures one attackAll remaining MP
Toxic BlastUnknown Ability?
Rebirth AbilityUnknown Ability?
Level 1 Cool 1480 210 1550 1480 1240 1400
Max Cool 3700 525 3875 3700 3100 3500
Max Ace 4070 577 4262 4070 3410 3850
Max Cool Stone 4440 630 4650 4440 3720 4200
Max Ace Stone 4810 682 5037 4810 4030 4550

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