Hunting is the primary way to get new Guardians on your own.

Below are some general tips on hunting which may be useful, especially to new players. Don't forget to check out the pages for each of the Hunting Grounds for specific tips for each hunting ground.

General Hunting TipsEdit

  • You have 60 seconds to hunt, make the most of it.
  • There are always four Guardians on the hunting ground. When you kill one, another appears. The only exception is when a Large Guardian appears on Glaverow Volcanic Zone (Day), then there will be five total.
  • Try using several (or all) of your tickets at once. Sometimes it takes a minute to get in the zone, so to speak. Once you're doing well, keep going. Using tickets one at a time just means you're always hunting without warming up.
  • If you're going to use Special Hunting Tickets, warm up with some Normal Hunting Tickets on the same course first.

Before You BeginEdit

  • Make room. Sell or combine Guardians before you hunt to make sure you have enough room to capture more guardians. Keeping at least 15 open spots is a good rule. You never know when you're going to hit a lucky streak and capture 20 in one hunt.
  • Know your targets. Each Hunting Ground has its own set of Silhouettes. You should know which you want to kill ahead of time. This is especially important when trying to complete Hunt Quests.

Beginning a HuntEdit

Hunting Map
  • After confirming you want to hunt, you'll go into map mode
  • Your timer doesn't start until you tap to zoom out of map mode into scope mode.
  • When viewing the map, you will see red dots that occasionally flash, showing where the Guardians are.
  • Watch the map until you know where all four Guardians are.
  • Pick Guardians that are close together, or else the first one in a line of Guardians. This will let you know exactly where to look for your second (and maybe yoru third) target after your first capture.
  • Never go back to map mode after the clock has started. It takes too long for the red flashes to show up and for you to switch back to your scope. It is much faster to scroll around the hunting ground in scope mode.

Capturing GuardiansEdit

  • Guardians take 2-5 rounds to capture.
  • Once you hit a Guardian, a health bar will appear and show how many more shots it will take to capture.
  • Once you fire a shot, all Guardians on the map will begin to move much faster and also change direction more often.
  • Don't forget to "lead your target" when shooting at moving Guardians. This means to keep your scope aimed just ahead of where the Guardian is going. Aiming right on the Guardian while it's running often means you hit the ground where your Guardian just was. Aim where it's going, not where it is!
  • Guardians that take 5 shots will be at least Rank 3 and have a higher chance of being Rank 4 or Rank 5.

Reloading and ScanningEdit

  • Your rifle can hold 5 rounds. Once it is empty, it will take 4 seconds to reload.
  • While you are reloading, quickly scan around the map to find your next target.
  • When Guardians are near, red triangles appear around the edge of your scope pointing in the direction of a Guardian.
  • A solid triangle indicates a Guardian which is very close, empty triangles indicate Guardians which are a little further away.
  • Make sure you return to your current target (or stop on your next target) before you finish reloading. The idea is to search quickly while reloading, but be ready to tap fire as soon as the reload finishes.
  • If you capture a Guardian and only have 1 round left in your rifle, go ahead and waste it to force a reload. Then you can take 4 seconds to find the next target.
  • Watch your clock and remaining ammo! If you only have 2-3 shots left and it is less than 10 seconds left on the clock, it might make sense to waste 2-3 rounds and force a reload. Then you can quickly search for the best target to hit with your last 5 shots. If you're lucky, you'll find a yellow Guardian.

Special MechanicsEdit

Red Guardian
This is also called a Break. On many Hunting Grounds, Guardians will sometimes turn red, and can be one-shot-killed.

Hunting Yellow Guardian
Yellow Guardian
Adds 10 seconds to the clock when captured.
Make sure that you have less than 50 seconds on the clock before you kill one of these, or you're wasting time!

Hunting Blue Guardian
Blue Guardian
Automatically reloads your weapon when captured.
Generally it's best to kill these on sight. The amount of time you save by coming back to it later is wasted in the extra time you spend scanning for targets.

Green Guardian
Supercharges the next shot from your rifle, ensuring a one-shot-kill.
Once you capture a Green Guardian, your Shoot button will flash green so you can be sure when your next shot is supercharged.

Hunting Mini Guardian
Mini Guardian
Has a higher chance of being Rank 3 or higher.

Hunting Sleeping Guardian
Sleeping Guardian
Captured in a single shot.
If you watch the map screen at the beginning of the hunt long enough, you can spot these because their red dot doesn't move. You can get an instant kill in less than a second.


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