Rank Rank 5 Limited
Attribute ATR Lightning
Encounter Area Coliseum Reward
Shape Shape Humanoid
Catalog Catalog Page None

Profile The ten incarnations of this master of tempests scour the world, punishing the wicked and aiding those in anguish.
Rebirth Great Lightning Lord
Links GC Cards

Great lightning lord

Ability Effect MP
Call LightningLightning+3600
Greater HealMajor HP Recovery300
Quick StrikeFirst attack300
Storm ImpactStrong Physical +41200
Last StandEndures one attackAll remaining MP
Level 1 Cool 950 1002 1050 1030 1070 950
Max Cool 2375 2505 2625 2575 2675 2375
Max Ace 2612 2755 2887 2832 2942 2612
Max Cool Stone 2850 3006 3150 3090 3210 2850
Max Ace Stone 3087 3256 3412 3347 3477 3087

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