Grand Slime Hunt
4:00 am Sunday, March 17, until 4:00 am Friday, March 22 (EDT).
Group Objectives
Slime: 200,000
Red Slime: 200,000
Silver Slime: 300,000
Gold Slime: 50,000
Group Rewards
One Objective: 1x Magic Stone (III)
Two Objectives: 3x Magic Stone (III) and 5,000 GP
Three Objectives: 5x Magic Stone (III) and 5,000 GP
All Objectives: 10x Magic Stone (III) and 10,000 GP
Individual Objective
Gold Slime: 50
Individual Reward
10x Magic Stone (III) and 10,000 GP
All Hunting Grounds, both Special and Normal courses.
Final Group Reward
3x Magic Stone (III) and 5000 GP

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