Enhancing a Guardian is the process of sacrificing one or more Guardians to another Guardian to level it up. Sacrificing a Guardian requires Guardian Points (GP).

Experience Points for EnhancingEdit

When you sacrifice a Guardian, the enhanced Guardian will gain a certain number of experience points (XP). The amount of XP is determined by the Rank (1*, 2*, etc), Level and Attribute (Fire, Mecha, etc) of the Guardian you sacrifice. The Type (Sexy, Fast, etc) of sacrificial Guardians doesn't matter.

Sacrificing a Guardian of the same Attribute will result in 50% more XP. (Sacrificing Ukobach to Peri.)

Sacrificing an identical Guardian will result in 100% more XP. (Sacrificing Ukobach to another Ukobach.)

Silver Slimes, Gold Slimes, (and their turkey counterparts) are specifically intended for enhancing other Guardians. They yield significantly more XP than any other Guardian. This makes them very useful for leveling up Guardians, especially at high level where the GP Cost is highest.

Rank Diff ATR Same ATR Identical
Rank 1 35 52 70
Rank 2 55 82 110
Rank 3 75 112 150
Rank 4 90 135 180

Silver Slime 210 XP

Gold Slime 630 XP

Enhancing CostEdit

When you enhance a Guardian it costs GP for each Guardian you sacrifice. The cost is calculated with this forumula: GP Cost = (Enhanced Guardian Level + 1) * 5

As an example, if you sacrifice a level 1 Slime to a level 15 Medusa, the cost will be (15 +1)*5 or 80GP.

When you sacrifice multiple Guardians, the game automatically calculates the total GP cost before you begin, accounting for any levels the base Guardian will gain during a single sacrifice. The cost is the same whether you sacrifice one Guardian or sixteen Guardians at the same time.

Note that the only thing in the formula is the level of the Guardian you are enhancing, or base Guardian. The Level, Rank, Attribute and Type of the Guardians you sacrifice does not matter when determining GP cost.

Higher Level Sacrifice GuardiansEdit

Higher level sacrificd Guardians will grant more XP than level 1 Guardians. The amount of XP gain is unknown at this time, but there is a general assumption: leveling up your own sacrifice Guardians is usually not worth it. The entire point of leveling up sacrifice Guardians is to save GP cost. You spend GP to level up a sacrifice Guardian, and you also lose XP efficiency when you do it. If you can buy other people's high level sacrifice Guardians, this can be very useful.

As an example, take a Pixie, a Mermaid and three Vapaks. Sacrificing the three Vapaks to the Mermaid will grant 105XP and will cost 30GP, which will get the Vapak to level 2. You've spent 30GP and 105XP. If you then sacrifice the Vapak to the Pixie, you will spend 10GP and it will gain ?XP. The total is now 40GP and the total XP cost is 140XP.

Leveling up a single Guardian normally, you would sacrifice the Mermaid and three Vapaks directly to the Pixie, you will spend 45GP and gain 140XP.

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