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Rank Rank 1
Attribute ATR Light
Encounter Area Berneside Plains (Account Bound)
Shape Shape Circular
Catalog Catalog Page None
Quest Green Destiny
Profile Those who prize the jewel from this small creature's brow are said to gain great riches and glory. - This guardian is only found during, and required for completion of, the above-named quest.
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Emerald Carbuncle

Ability Effect MP
Holy LightLight +1150
SlashStrong Physical +1150
Shine SmiteLight +2300

Level 1 Cool 470 483 516 470 522 451
Max Cool 1175 1207 1290 1175 1305 1127
Max Ace 1292 1328 1419 1292 1435 1240
Max Cool Stone 1410 1449 1548 1410 1566 1353
Max Ace Stone 1527 1569 1677 1527 1696 1465

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