Large Guardians

This hunting ground shares a distinction with Glaverow Volcanic Zone (Day) in that it features Large Guardians. However, unlike the ones in Glaverow Volcanic Zone (Day), these Large Guardians yield Guardians that could be caught with or without the Special Hunt Ticket, but always guarantee that Guardians caught this way are no lower than Rank 3.

The Shapes of the Large Guardians are:

  • Giantess: Has a feminine form and disheveled hair. Revives  after having its HP depleted, and needs to take more shots before capturing; a single landmine detonation will render that Revival moot and automatically captures the guardian.
  • Overlord: Has a masculine form, wears a cape, and carries a sword. Has a chance to Dodge shots, and then teleport elsewere on the map. He won't be able to dodge detonated landmines.
  • Selket: Takes the form of a giant scorpion. Is invulnerable to all shots, but a single detonated landmine will guarantee this guardian is captured. 


Like in Deadmoon Desert (Day), landmines are present here; however, unlike in the daytime, it is also possible for Guardians break as normal.

Yellow Guardians

Yellow Guardians provide a +10 Second boost to a hunt.


None of the Guardians in this hunting ground are Mirages, allowing players to have better odds of catching more guardians than in the daytime.

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