Deadmoon Desert
Deadmoon Desert 2

This hunting ground features mines and mirages, but does not feature Breaks and everything takes at least three rifle shots.

You can shoot the mine to create an explosion which will one-shot all Guardians within the inner radius of your scope. When you trigger the mine, the Guardians will move quickly for a few steps so keep this in mind. Also, if a Guardian is on top of a mine, you will hit the Guardian and the mine will not explode.
Looks like a regular Guardian, but as soon as it takes damage from a rifle or mine, it disappears.

This hunting ground introduced two new guardian Shapes: Hulk, a four legged hulking beast and a Ghost with long hair and a robe. At least one "male" Guardian has this shape: Rudra.

The Guardians in this Hunting Zone introduced three new abilities: Last Stand, Quick Strike and Self Destruct.


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