Rank Rank 1
Attribute ATR Lightning
Encounter Area Glaverow Volcanic Zone (Day) (Account Bound)
Shape Shape Circular
Catalog Catalog Page None

Profile This avian monster sucks the life force from its mortal victims and flies with its huge ear-shaped wings. - This guardian is only found during, and required for completion of, the above-named quest.
Links GC Cards

Chaste Chonchon

Ability Effect MP
Life DrainAbsorb enemy HP?
Energy DrainAbsorb enemy MP?

Level 1 Cool 430 417 472 476 505 456
Max Cool 1075 1042 1180 1190 1262 1140
Max Ace 1182 1146 1298 1309 1388 1254
Max Cool Stone 1290 1251 1416 1428 1515 1368
Max Ace Stone 1397 1355 1534 1547 1641 1482

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