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There's strange doings afoot, loves! Dark clouds 'ave gathered over Glaverow, and they're spewing forth enough ill magic to make even the mightiest Guardians run for shelter! What's more, my custom all claim to have been plagued by strange dreams since the skies went dark. Take a look at the taskboard and find out what's going on for me!

From 6:00 a.m., September 30, until 2:00 a.m., October 7 (EDT)
New limited-time sidequests are available at the tavern.
Rewards given upon completion will be greater than those of normal sidequests.
Guardians from this event will only appear on the Glaverow Volcanic Zone normal hunting course.
Event Guardians will spawn as oversized silhouettes.
Enyo and Deino cards may be sold for more GP than normal 3★ Guardians.
  • There is also a small chance for event Guardians to spawn as normal-sized circular silhouettes.
  • Event Guardians will spawn only after undertaking one of the related sidequests.
The Women of My Dreams I: 3 Agility Stones (II)
The Women of My Dreams II: Strength Stone (IV)
The Women of My Dreams III: 2 Wisdom Stones (IV)
The Women of My Dreams IV: Graeae Card
The Women of My Dreams V: Graeae Card
  • The Women of My Dreams V may be completed a maximum of five times.
  • The attribute of Graeae cards is determined randomly.

  • A Renown level of 1 is required to undertake these quests.
  • The above sidequests will automatically be abandoned when the event period ends if they have been undertaken but not yet completed.
  • Players who have not claimed the reward for any of the above sidequests they have completed will be unable to do so once the event period ends.
  • Oversized silhouettes appearing before the event will return to Glaverow after the event is completed.

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