Friend Points (FP) are a currency earned through interacting with other players in the game.

Earning Friend PointsEdit

Each time you add a new friend, you will earn 50FP. This bonus can only be gained 40 times, which is the maximum number of friends you can have at one time.

Each day you can battle up to 10 of your friends. You will earn 5FP for each win and 3FP for each loss, which means you have the potential of 50FP per day. When you battle friends, you will use your Field Deck. The best way to earn max FP is to find players who quit the game after playing only a short while. They will have very low level or low Rank Guardians which you will be able to beat easily each day.


Friend Point Rewards

In the Social menu, you can redeem your FP for rewards. If you win 10 battles a day, you will earn enough for an extra

Hunting Ticket
A decent reward, but not a very good investment.
Coliseum Pass
Also not an especially great option, but has its merits. This is a great way to get a lot of extra Coliseum Passes on demand at the end of the week if you just need a few more points to get into the next Rating bracket.
Recovery Potion
Very situational reward. Can be useful if you want to push through an Event Dungeon.
Special Hunting Ticket
Once a month you can earn enough points for this. A pretty good option especially for those just starting.
Boon of the Gods
or Bane of the Gods in Android
Boon of the Gods costs 10,000 Friend Points and will reward you with Godvessel Vimana. This is a Rank 5 Guardian which is Account Bound and cannot be used for Rebirth. It is also the only None Attribute Guardian which is viable in battle. This means that it cannot be crit by any elemental attacks. This will take 200 days of logging in and winning 10 friend battles to earn. If you save from the very beginning, that will be 160 days after you earn 2000FP from adding friends. Might not seem worth it, but it's a fairly powerful and unique Rank 5 Guardian.

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