Cerulean Deep
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Cerulean Deep - Hunting Map

Cerulean Deep is the fifth Hunting Ground, and becomes available at level 40 and was introduced on April 22, 2013.

This hunting ground features the regular Breaks where a single Guardian can be one-shot. Guardians take between 2-5 shots.


This underwater hunting ground introduces bubbles which can be shot to obtain bonuses, such as adding 5 or 10 seconds to the clock or instantly reloading your rifle. The bubbles will eventually pop if you don't shoot them, so shoot them when you see them. They may not be there when you come back. There are no Time Silhouettes on this map.


This zone contains new Shapes

There are also Shape Wisps and Shape Slimes.


There is a large guardian shaped like a sea serpent with multiple segments which animate individually. Some people are calling this a seadramon. It is shown on the radar with a large red triangle. From what I have seen, it comes out of one of the four dark holes on the map, then goes into another hole. There is no warning to let you know it is there. If you don't kill it the first time it goes into a hole, it should come out of another hole, but it's life will be back to full. It takes about 8-10 shots to kill. You can continue to hit the body after the head has disappeared from view.

First and second kills of the large guardian yielded four Guardians, ranks 1-2.

Reportedly, the seadramon comes in three different colors:


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