Birth of the Nova Guardians!Edit

Nova Guardians Banner
Nine Lives Lenny

Masters, the guild fears that lifting the ban on nighttime hunting at Berneside upset the natural order. A few daytime Guardians have emerged anew--stronger than before and with all-new abilities! There's never been a better time for fledgling tamers to get their hands on some truly powerful Berneside Guardians!

Beginning at 3:00 a.m. on November 8.
  • Powerful versions of five existing 5★ Guardians will be added to Berneside Plains (Day).
  • The original versions of these Guardians will no longer spawn after the above time and date.
  • Original version Guardians may be used to rebirth Nova Guardians. Nova Guardians, however, may not be used to rebirth the original version Guardians.

New Abilities
A new Guardian ability has been added:
Towering Aegis
Drastically increases defense.


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  • [×] Earth(78 P, 2 F)

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