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Getting StartedEdit

The first thing to do if you haven't already is complete the in game Tutorial. SE did a good job of explaining the basics of the game, and it's well worth your while to complete it.

Next you should work your way through the single player Mission and Sub-Missions. This is a great way to level up while getting plenty of Recovery Potions, Hunting Tickets and Coliseum Passes. After you finish the mission in Sanbelard Castle Town, then you can also pick up a Hunt Quest and/or a Dungeon Quest. I recommend working through the Hunt Quests as quickly as you can, and completing Dungeon Quests if you get tired of the single player campaign, or need more Honor to gain a level of Renown to gain access to more Sidequests.


Guardian Cross is a creature based card battle game from Square Enix. You play the part of several intrepid Guardian Tamers as you battle your way through a series of missions. Along the way you capture Guardians by Hunting them using your trusty rifle. You can also use community forums, such as the Guardian Cross Forums, to trade Guardians with other players. The forums are also a great place to talk about strategy and pick up tips on improving your Guardians.

Each Guardian starts off with very weak stats and only one Ability at level 1. You can improve your Guardian by Enhancing it. Usually the first thing to do is Combining it with other Guardians to level it up. Guardians will learn new abilities as they reach higher levels. You can also use Magic Stones to raise its stats or teach it new abilities.

Each Guardian has an Attribute, which makes it weak and strong against different types of attacks. Guardians come with different Types which also affects how strong they are. Aces are almost always best, Cool is all around good, and other Types are desirable based on which Abilities each Guardian has.

As you capture or trade for Guardians, your Catalog will fill out. As you complete each page, you earn Catalog Rewards.

Building DecksEdit

As you capture more Guardians, you can add them to your Field Deck and Colisem Deck. You use your Field Deck when battling friends and fighting through quests. Your Coliseum Deck is only used when competing in the Coliseum. Building a good deck is the most challenging and fun part of the game. When just beginning, you can usually just use the recommended deck. As you collect more powerful Guardians and get used to how battles work, you'll want to start picking and choosing your Guardians and rearranging their order to make them the most effective in battle.


There are several different Currencies in Guardian Cross which can be used for different things. Guardian Points are used when Combining and Rebirthing Guardians. Friend Points can be used to get a few basic and one valuable, unique reward. Gold Coins can be purchased with real world money and then used to get access to the Special Hunting Course. Hunting Tickets and Special Hunting Tickets can be used to go hunting on the Normal and Special Hunting Courses. Coliseum Passes can be used to fight other players for Coliseum Rewards. Battle Points are used to fight through the single player Sub-missions.

Everything elseEdit

There are also Events that happen regularly, so you'll want to watch out for them. They are often a great opportunity to get some very strong Guardians and sometimes Magic Stones.

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