The Catalog will keep track of all Guardians you have captured or traded. As you complete each page of the Catalog, you will receive Catalog Rewards. You do not have to capture the Guardians yourself; it is enough to receive one as a gift or through trade. It is fairly common practice to share Guardians with friends in order to complete the pages for the rewards.

The Dragonlings and Pixies were both events where a set of Guardians were available for a short time. The Catalog rewards for these pages was better during the event than afterward.

The Catalog doesn't contain any Coliseum Rewards or Shiny Guardians. There are several pages with unknown Guardians on them, which means they cannot be completed at this time.

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Catalog 1

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Catalog 3

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Catalog 4

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Catalog 11

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Catalog 22

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Catalog 38

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Catalog 39

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Catalog 40

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Catalog 41

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Catalog 42

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Catalog 43 Blank

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Catalog 44 Blank

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Catalog 51 Blank


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