Battle Points are a type of energy which is used to fight through the single player content. You start off with 50 Battle Points. Any encounter takes 5 battle points, allowing you to finish 10 encounters.

Battle Points are recovered three ways

  • Battle Points are recovered automatically at a rate of 1 point per three minutes. This means it takes 2.5 hours to go from zero to 50.
  • Recovery Potions will replenish all Battle Points immediately.
  • When you gain a level, your Battle Points will be fully recovered.

Try to time leveling up so that you have close to zero BP when you level. This isn't always possible especially at lower levels, but it's a good idea to try. If you're in a Dungeon Quest and close to leveling, try leaving the dungeon and fighting in a regular Sub-Mission , so that you don't waste any BP on stairs, hallways or chests, or even lose all your BP at a dead end.

There are a few Sidequests which increase your maximum Battle Points:

Increasing max BP is a good idea because it gives you more BP every time you use a Recovery Potion, level up, and allows you to keep more BP when you're away from the game for too long.

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