The event started in September 2012, and lasted until January 7, 2013. Large Guardians appeared in Glaverow Volcanic Zone during the event. There were five total, with four distinct shapes:

Large guardians follow their own rules, randomly appearing in hunts and keeping their health from one hunt to the next.

In game announcement:

We've got a situation on our hands, Guardian masters. The Monster Research Guild claims that the Dragonlord of Darkness has been sighted in the Glaverow Volcanic Zone. It's said to possess powers that are impossible to gauge. You Guardian masters have to do something! If you truly fancy yourself a Guardian master, then head on over to the Glaverow Volcanic Zone right now!


Glaverow Volcanic Zone Normal Course Special Course

  • There are five giant Guardians, among which there is a chance for Bahamut to appear.
  • Giant Guardians cannot be captured in a single hunt.
  • Remaining HP values will be saved for future hunts.


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