Rank Rank 5 Limited
Attribute ATR Light
Encounter Area Coliseum Reward
Shape Unknown
Catalog Catalog Page None
Event 11th Coliseum Rewards
Profile Being both god and faerie, there is little this sun deity is unable to accomplish.
Rebirth Almighty Lugh
Links GC Cards

Almighty Lugh

Ability Effect MP
Deft StepEvade a physical attack300
Thousand SlashesStrong Physical +41200
Lower DefenseEnemy DEF -20%150
Blood GambitSacrifices HP to unleash a physical attack guaranteed to hit?
Quick StrikeFirst attack300
Level 1 Cool 2180 900 1700 1480 1330 1400
Max Cool 5450 2250 4250 3700 3325 3500
Max Ace 5995 2475 4675 4070 3657 3850
Max Cool Stone 6540 2700 5100 4440 3990 4200
Max Ace Stone 7085 2925 5525 4810 4322 4550

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